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Conventional still image of interior design 3D render has principal flaws. There are many blind spots that simply couldn't overcome. But now you can visualize your dream home design best with the modern way - 360 virtual reality (VR) tour. Our best interior design proposal let you walk through different iterations of your future home living room design, kitchen design, bedroom design. See it virtually from every room angle, get a sense of the feng shui of the home design, and feel assured of what you really spend for. House renovation and Home design in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia now has become more fun!

Photo Realistic 3D.

We produce top tier photo realistic 3D rendering for home design and office design visualization. All materials used in our interior design proposal are in real world simulation. Norm designhaus takes realistic natural lighting seriously. The best home design is not just beautiful but also comfortable. We believe that well designed lighting is what makes a home cozy. Complemented by our professional photography skill, our home design 3D renders are always in accurate real world Field of View (FOV), no exaggeration of wide angle interior design scene.

interior design Seremban Malaysia-house-renovation-malaysia
interior design Seremban house-renovation-malaysia
Penthouse home interior design house-renovation-malaysia
interior design Seremban wainscoting-house-renovation-malaysia
interior design seremban wainscoting-house-renovation-malaysia
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360 Virtual Reality (VR) Walk through

This new technology is offered by Norm Designhaus - one of the best interior design company in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 360VR Tour enables homeowners to get a 3D look at their home’s final interior design before they even get started. Virtual reality, once used solely for video games and entertainment, is now being used by our interior designer to enable our clients to get a 360 degree, virtual look at their home in 3D. Homeowners can experience their home in an immersive digital world and “walk” from room to room seeing and making design changes in an instant.

While conventional still photography lacks the depth and visual appeal that many homeowners want, Norm designhaus offers photo realistic 3D architecture visualization for interior design Malaysia. This means that clients can take a virtual tour of their home and experience the design changes before any renovation is done on the home itself. This can save the homeowner time and money and give them the results they want and the home they have been dreaming of in much less time than by using traditional interior design methods.

One Stop Interior Design Solution | House Renovation Contractor In Malaysia

Whether you are redesigning your kitchen, living room in modern or classic style in wainscoting, bedroom or office, Norm designhaus’ 360 virtual walk through is one of the best methods for homeowners to see what their home will look like without being there. This is perfect for clients who aren’t able to meet the designer in person and for those who are indecisive about their interior design options.

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